IPSA supports a worldwide community of people interested in surrogate partner therapy.


Providing clients with referrals to therapists who have expertise in surrogate partner therapy, and providing therapists with referrals to skillful, well-trained, ethical professional surrogate partners. Click here for more information about surrogate partner therapy and the IPSA referral program.


To foster the highest professional standards within the field of surrogate partner therapy, IPSA established a Code of Ethics that outlines the responsibilities of a professional surrogate partner.  IPSA Certified Surrogate Partners are committed to honoring the ethical principles outlined in the IPSA Code of Ethics.


IPSA sponsors training for individuals who want to become surrogate partners and for therapists who want to learn more about sex therapy and surrogate partner therapy. Click here to learn more about IPSA training.

IPSA also offers personal enrichment classes for individuals and couples who wish to  enhance their capacity for intimacy, sensuality, and healthy sexuality. Click here to explore.

International Professional Surrogates Association

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